We are often asked about our unusual company name and where it came from? In fact, who or what, is or was, a Paladin?

Well, according to medieval French court literature, there were twelve Paladins, or knights errant, in the 12th Century French court of the Emperor Charlemaine. They were, by all accounts, his closest companions and confidants. They are probably most comparable with the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in English folklore and literature, and also the Knights Templar of the Crusades.

According to this same French literature, there are many stories describing the heroic exploits of these Paladins, or 'Knights In Shining Armour,' to use the modern term, who were very much revered for their roles in the wars against the Saracens - they were regarded as the Defenders of the Christian faith against the collected Muslim forces of the Arab world.


At Paladin Secure Ltd, we like to think our staff are the modern embodiment of those Knights in Shining Armour in that their role is to protect and defend both people and property from all aspects of criminal activity.

In employing our staff, we expect their beliefs and work ethic to match our company ethos. We will not employ someone purely to make up the numbers. Like the original Paladins, we will expect them to be our closest companions and confidants whilst also being fully focused, front-line, people friendly members of the Paladin family.


Copyright and Thanks to Philip Jolly, our official photographer and artist.