Mission Statement

At Paladin Secure Limited, it is our mission to become the leading provider of your security solutions, ensuring that we are the best in our field, and which others strive to emulate.    


Paladin Secure Ltd is the professional hands-on security company to provide the on-site security services you require.

Our reputation has been built by creating an exceptional service tailored to each individual client's needs whilst aiming to continuously raise the industry standard. This has not been achieved overnight, but by steady continuous growth since our inception in 2010.

We are not a mass employer of security staff, regardless of their ability. Instead, we aim to recruit the best people suited to our company ethos and expectations, and, who have the same motivations to provide the best services as ourselves. In fact, many of our highly trained staff are either former police officers or individuals who have worked as law enforcement personnel in other fields, and thus know the high standards that are expected from them every day.                 

As a company, we believe it is our responsibility to provide our staff with a reasonable wage and to meet the National Living Allowance as an absolute minimum. We also aim to ensure that they receive the appropriate holiday pay that all their hard work deserves. We endeavour to meet this through all our contracts and so this will be reflected in the hourly rates quoted during any contract negotiations. 

With each new contract or account, Paladin Secure Ltd will aim to tailor our services to meet each client's individual needs. Once a risk assessment has been completed by one of our Management Team and a contract has been entered into, then within the next week, you will begin to receive an influx of communications as we implement our plans and procedures prior to the commencement date. No item will be overlooked. It is our attention to detail upon which much of our reputation has been built and maintained.

It is always our aim to give our customers peace of mind that their security needs are being met by our professional teams. Whether it is a wedding six months away, a birthday party this weekend or a guard to monitor a house tonight, Paladin Secure Limited does it all, so that our customers can rest assured knowing that a quality, focused security guard company will be there protecting their investment and loved ones.

From the hiring process through to the client relationship, we take great pride in our ability to exceed our client's expectations and surpass the services of our competition.