At Paladin Secure Limited, we have started to broaden our horizons with the amount of managers that we have on board. These guys and girls are always a professional face of the company and usually the people who are your first point of contact during any tendering processes that may occur.

Gawain - South West Regional Manager

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Carmine - Welsh Regional Manager


I'm Carmine, and I've been involved in security for 12 years now. I remember when I first started, it was always one of those jobs I said to myself as a kid that I wanted to do.

I started working with Paladin in the very early days, 10 years ago. I eventually moved on and since then I've been and gathered a whole lot more experience and learned a lot more of life's lessons.

I've worked all over the United Kingdom, from London to Belfast, down to the south west and now I'm based in Wales.

After working across so many various types of events such as festivals, gigs, and film sets, and across so many areas of the industry, I have to say one of my favourite parts of security is CVIT (Cash and Valuables In Transit). I travelled all around Northern Ireland at my leisure or as quickly as I wanted, dependent on the timescale of each job.

As well as that, I still love working the doors. It's become my social life over the last 10 plus years, getting to know the regular customers, having a laugh and enjoying the nightlife scene.

I'm very pleased to have made the decision to come back to Paladin, my spiritual home, after all this time, having picked up all this experience elsewhere. To reunite with some of the 'originals' and meet the fresh blood that are going to push us forward, I'm excited to move us in the right direction together as a family and build our future.



Kirsty - Event Operations

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