With Paladin Secure Limited entering into our 10th year being in the security industry, we thought we would give an insight as to how Paladin came about so here goes .......

Being unsatisfied in working for another ‘Door’ boss, Stephen Reely, known as ‘Spider’ to his friends, decided that the only way to do the job properly was to be via his own company.

Steve asked his good friend Al Cowlishaw to come on board and help him start up a company; hence back on 17thSeptember 2010 Paladin Secure was born.

Thinking along the lines of...’It does what it says on the tin...’, Steve opened up a Thesaurus page and entered words like Security, Guard, Protector and Night Watchman, he looked at the synonyms and seeked a similar word to ‘Security’.  But this word ‘Paladin’ kept cropping up, so he entered Paladin and saw it meant... White Knight, defender of the weak, fighter of good causes. There was no turning back, Paladin was the word for him. Paladin Security was a dissolved company in England and already existed in Canada, so Paladin Secure was born.

Having a Knight as a logo was too cliché, but Steve decided he wanted some sort of predator, something that looked good on a company tie, whilst on a site Warning Board it was subconsciously saying... ‘If you come on here we’re going to get you...’

Along came the ‘Paladin’ Hawk.

Towards the end of 2011 along came Kirsty and following her, her partner Ben. They would speedily rise up through the Paladin ranks with Kirsty becoming Steve’s second in command.

Approximately 2006 Al retired and emigrated to Spain. Steadily growing year on year Paladin Secure grew to the company it is now, plans to open offices in the Midlands and the West Country were greatly delayed by Covid-19, but they are definitely on course for 2020/1